The Midnight in Peking Audio Walk

This walk retraces the major scenes that feature in the book Midnight in Peking, the true story of the brutal murder of an innocent young Englishwoman, Pamela Werner, in the last days of old Peking and the ensuing investigation that revealed the scandals, sins and deprivations of the city as the Japanese army prepared to occupy it. The walk will take you to the scene of the crime, Pamela’s old haunts, the homes of the murder suspects and other key locations across Peking’s former Legation Quarter, the area once known as the “Badlands” and the old Tartar City. Your personal guide for this tour is the author of Midnight in Peking, Paul French.

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Welcome to the Midnight in Peking Audio Walk


Armour factory alley

Fox tower

Tartar wall


Suzhou Hutong

French legation

British legation

American legation