Paul French

Born in London and educated there and in Glasgow, Paul French has lived and worked in Shanghai for many years. He is a widely published analyst and commentator on China and has written a number of books dealing with China’s pre-1949 history.

Titles include:

The Old Shanghai A-Z – Paul French – Hong Kong University Press (2010)

“In this book, Paul French brings the streets of the old city to life. Simply put, there is nothing on the market to compete with this book.” — Peter Hibbard

Through the Looking Glass: China’s Foreign Journalists from Opium Wars to Mao – Hong Kong University Press (2009)

“Paul French brings to life the larger-than-life personalities of a bygone China foreign press corps.” – Melinda Liu

Carl Crow – A Tough Old China Hand: The Life, Times, and Adventures of an American in Shanghai – Hong Kong University Press (2006)

“With the latest gang of get-rich-quick hucksters, hustlers and fools still washing up thick on the muddy banks of Shanghai, there could be no better timing for this lively, anecdote-rich account of the life of Carl Crow, who saw the whole thing unfold the last go round.”– Peter S. Goodmanjapanese to english