Cast of Characters


Pamela Werner – adopted daughter of ETC and Gladys Nina Werner – murdered in Peking on January 7th 1937
Edward Theodore Chalmers (ETC) Werner – Pamela’s father; former British diplomat in China and noted Sinologist
Gladys Nina (née Ravenshaw) Werner – Pamela’s mother; wife of ETC Werner


Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Richard “Dick” Dennis – former Scotland Yard detective; head of British Municipal Police, Tientsin
Colonel Han Shih-Ching – Head of the Peking Detective Bureau and Chief of Police for the South East Section (First District), Peking
Inspector T Botham – former Scotland Yard detective working for the British Municipal Police, Tientsin
Sergeant Binetsky – White Russian officer in the British Municipal Police, Tientsin
Commissioner WP Thomas – Commissioner of the Legation Quarter Police; Secretary of the Administrative Commission of the Peking Diplomatic Quarter
Superintendant Bill Greenslade – Deputy to DCI Dennis, British Municipal Police, Tientsin
Constable T Pearson – Policeman, British Legation, Peking
Corporal Kao Tao-hung – Commander, Peking Police Post No.19 (Hatamen)
Constable Hsu Teng-chen – stationed at Peking Police Post No.19 (Hatamen)
Constable Pai Chia-san – Peking Police, Bicycle Patrol Division, South East Section, Peking
Chief Chen – Chief of the Peking Police Force, Chi’enmen Headquarters


Dr. Wentworth Baldwin Prentice – American long term resident of Peking, dentist and nudist colony habitué
Pinfold – semi-destitute Canadian long term resident of Peking, ex-mercenary and petty criminal of no fixed occupation
Joe Knauf – Peking Badlands nightclub entrepreneur, ex US Marine, bodyguard for hire, pimp, drugs and arms dealer
George Gorman – Irish-born collaborationist journalist, sporadically employed by Tokyo to express their propaganda; later editor of the pro-Japanese Peking Chronicle
John O’Brian – Half-Portuguese, half-Chinese semi-destitute Badlands habitué
Jack Thomas – former US Marine; Peking Badlands nightclub manager
Dr. Capuzzo – Italian resident of Peking; doctor to the Italian Legation Marine Guard


Alexander Mikhailovitch (‘Shura’) – White Russian hermaphrodite, transvestite cabaret star, jewel thief and habitué of the Kavkaz Bar
Madam Leschinsky – White Russian, Peking Badlands brothel manager
Michael Consiglio – ex-US Marine; Badlands brothel manager
Madam Oparina – White Russian madam and Peking Badlands bar owner
Yashka Oparina – son of Madam Oparina, petty criminal, indigent and occasional Badlands pimp
Peggy – White Russian prostitute
White Russian prostitute
Miss Ryan – resident of Peking, well-known nymphomaniac and Badlands frequenter
Saxsen – White Russian pimp, drug dealer and convicted criminal
Brana Shazker
– White Russian Peking and Tientsin brothel owner and Madam
Rosie Gerbert – Russian-Polish Peking and Newchwang brothel madam
Peter Liang – independently wealthy Chinese known to frequent the bars and cabarets of the Badlands


Ethel Gurevitch – White Russian resident of Peking and former schoolmate of Pamela Werner
Lilian Marinovski – White Russian resident of Peking and former schoolmate of Pamela Werner
Chang Pao-chen – Retired Peking resident and songbird enthusiast
Sun Te-hsing – Rickshaw puller
Chao Hsi-men – Concierge, Wagon-Lits Hotel, Peking Legation Quarter
Ho Ying – Werner household Cook
Yen Ping – Werner household Gatekeeper
Edgar Snow – American journalist resident in Peking and author of Red Star Over China
Helen Foster Snow – American journalist resident in Peking; husband of Edgar Snow
Panos Skiotis – Greek businessman and pharmacist, resident in Tientsin
Wang Shih-ming – Peking motor mechanic
Kurochkin – late night Russian motorist
Dolbetchef – Organiser of the Russian Anti-Communist League in Peking
Kan – Russian Jewish refugee living in Peking
Wang Chen-yu – houseboy at Peking Badlands brothel
Liu Pao-chung – security guard at Peking Badlands brothel
Chen Ching-chun – cook at Peking Badlands brothel
Han Shou-ching – friend of Pamela’s, a student in Peking
Commandant Del Greco – Commander of the Guard of the Italian Legation, Peking


Major General Tai Li – head of Chiang Kai-shek’s secret police
Kinoaki Matsuo – senior Japanese intelligence officer in Peking and high-ranking member of the ultranationalist Black Dragon secret society (the Kokuryukai)


Sydney Yeates – Headmaster, Tientsin Grammar School
John Woodall – Assistant Headmaster, Tientsin Grammar School
Mischa Horjelsky – Pupil, Upper XIth, Tientsin Grammar School
EC Peters
– Chairman of the Committee of Management, Tientsin Grammar School
Arthur Tipper – Chairman British Municipal Council, Tientsin
PHB Kent – Legal Adviser to the British Municipal Council, Tientsin
Mary McIntyre
– Secretary to DCI Dennis, British Municipal Police, Tientsin


Dr. ST Wang – Medical Superintendant, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)
Dr. Cheng Hsiang-Hu – Chief Professor of Pathology, PUMC
Dr. Graham Aspland – Senior Consultant, Pathology Department, PUMC
Dr. James Preston Maxwell – Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, PUMC
Dr. Harry B. Van Dyke – Senior Consultant, Department of Pharmacology, PUMC


Nicholas Fitzmaurice – British Consul-General, Peking (until July 1937)
Allan Archer – British Consul-General, Peking (Japanese Occupied Territory – September 1937)
John Barr Affleck – British Consul-General, Tientsin (1935-1938)
Sir Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen – British Envoy Extraordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary in China (1936-1938)
Sir Archibald Clark Kerr – British Envoy Extraordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary in China at Shanghai and later Chungking (1938-1942)
Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, Viscount Halifax – British Foreign Secretary
Ivor Miles Windsor-Clive, 2nd Earl of Plymouth – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Hisanga Shimadzu – First Secretary, Japanese Legation, Peking
Arthur RingwaltThird Secretary, American Consulate-General, Peking (1938-1941)
Marcel Baudez – French Consul-General, Shanghai (November 1938-May 1940)


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